How it all started
In 2001, with Information Technology at the peak of its development, Outsourcing Services have slowly been emerging like crops on a richly-tilled land, especially in developing countries like the Philippines. Many businesses have seen outsourcing as a great opportunity to widen the expanse of their market and at the same time lower their cost of labor. Knowing that technology and the internet are effective means of aiding businesses to elevate their status in the field of commerce, DataSolutions Inc. was founded.

The first projects of DataSolutions Inc. were concentrated on Data Entries, engaging with a US-based company. Being new to the industry, DataSolutions Inc. was then manned by only one staff. As time elapsed, the company continually expanded both in manpower and in the services offered. Digitization, data conversion and archiving processes were among the new services DataSolutions Inc. began to render.


Our direction
After several years, despite the increasing number of competitors, the company has continued to excel in Outsourcing Services, providing people and companies unmatched service quality which no other Outsourcing Companies can gage. DataSolutions Inc. is determined to continue being the leading Outsourcing Company, working with the best of our abilities, in our pursuit of excellence in the field of Back Office Services.

What is keeping our company on top is not just our enthusiasm to serve our business clients; more than that, we continue to practice the Values instilled in us.


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