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Back Office Services

SUCCESS is always the main goal of every individual and company. In a place where administrative activities are accomplished on a constant basis, having more than one staff to perform each and every appointed work requirement and assuring all of the mentioned above are functioning and contributing to the development of the business, Back Office Support plays a vital role. There can be many other reasons why realizing this goal is such a hard thing to do. This is where DataSolutions Inc. steps in.

Back Office Solutions

Through the back office services and solutions that we offer, you are assured to achieve effective results in Data Management, Time Sheet Processing, Word Processing, Market and Internet Research, Billing, Customer Relations and Communications. DataSolutions Inc. will be with you every step of the way to help you overcome any back office obstacles, making that goal actualized right on time.

What We do Best

  • Data Processing and Management
  • Business Communications
  • Data Scheduling
  • Research
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • General Secretarial work

The Team
DataSolutions Inc. assures that only top caliber, experienced and highly qualified professionals are assigned to meticulously handle each back office assignment. Who else can go wrong? With the team that we have? NO ONE! All the staff are:

  • Well trained in providing administrative and executive assistance.
  • Competent, organized, diligent, and technologically savvy.
  • Function adaptively to every business working environment.

Equipped with latest high-tech facilities and competent pool of individuals, DataSolutions Inc. provides you Back Office Support effectively and efficiently that saves you time and resources turning your company into a profit generating business.

Back Office Support staff are needed to perform various office works. However, certain businesses may only require specialized help with Timesheet Processing. DSI can help you with all or just a part of your back office operations.

DataSolutions Inc. is always available to cater to your business needs; Email or Call us at +1-925-289-2576.

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