At DSI, security and confidentiality are of supreme importance to us. We’ve taken great strides to ensure that the information and data transmitted to us are in the safest hands. We work on your data, your business information, accounting processes with the complete knowledge that these need to be handled securely and with confidentiality.

In these modern times, trust is an issue. Part of our service is to earn your trust, and assure you that the trust you’ve given our company is never forsaken. DataSolutions Inc. takes precautionary procedures to see to it that your business is safe with us.



Our Security Measures

  • All personnel undergo a background check and are required to sign a Legal Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Production Center facilities are equipped with finger print access control and may be entered only by authorized personnel.
  • Job orders are processed only within the Production Centers and are never sub-contracted; therefore information never leaves our premises.
  • Emails are monitored and logged into a Control List to guarantee that only authorized personnel have access.
  • Our workstations are not equipped with external media drives, including floppy disks, flash drives and CDROMS to prevent information from leaking out of our Production Centers.
  • Firewall and SPI, anti-virus software and virus definitions are updated on a daily basis.
  • Documents and network access require an authorized and issued password.
  • Non-essential hard copies of client notes and documents are, with client approval, cross-cut shredded on site.
  • Technical evaluations are performed routinely to make sure that all systems meet or exceed specified security requirements.
  • Data backups are stored in secure Onsite and Offsite facilities to ensure zero downtime and “data loss”.
  • Deletion of client data files requires authorized and double-validated client request.

Additionally, in our perseverance to deliver the most credible services to our clients, we have taken the extra mile to ensure that only the top-notch, most skilled and qualified experts will be handling your data and manning The Team.

DataSolutions Inc. would be glad to work with you and your business. Please Email us or Call us at +1-925-289-2576 for inquiries.

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