Administrative and secretarial functions are undeniably essential for a business to grow or a project to succeed. Tasks such as data management, timesheet processing, word processing, market and internet research, billing, customer relations and communication are necessary for any business. But the time needed to accomplish these work could cause delay in your strategic tasks important to survive and prevail in your business field.

Back Office Support tasks
Doing all the administrative work can be challenging yet exhausting and could cause work overload. You may need to have Back Office Support who will aid you in your tedious office obligations.

DataSolutions Inc. can provide you with Back Office Support that can help you with:

  • Data processing and management
  • Business communications
  • Scheduling
  • Research
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • General secretarial work

Our Back Office Support Staff are qualified, office support professionals. They withhold high character and are:

  • Well-trained in performing administrative and secretarial duties, and in providing personal executive assistance
  • Aware and adept in the use of the latest technology
  • Supremely well-organized, diligent, competent and tractable
  • Able to function adaptively to your business’ working environment
  • Screened and trained to understand your industry’s milieu and are thus suited to provide you with the services your business demands

Equipped with the latest high-technology facilities and a competent pool of individuals with administrative skills expertise, only DataSolutions Inc. can provide you with Back Office Support Staff who can executive tasks efficiently and save you time and money while helping your business gain more profit.

Back Office Support staff are needed to perform versatile office work. On the other hand, certain businesses may only require specialized help with Timesheet Processing.

DSI is always available to cater to your business needs, you can Email us or Call us at +1-925-289-2576 for further assistance.

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