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The Philippines BPO Services
Business Processes Outsourcing involves the subcontracting of a business firm’s operations and functions to an external service provider. The Philippines BPO has been known for its highly-professional yet low-cost services which cater to small, medium-sized or large-scale corporations. Services include payroll outsourcing, animation, encoding, web development, call centers, transcription and accounting.

For most companies, BPO is implemented as a cost-cutting measure for certain office tasks without compromising the quality of service and the productivity level. In fact, companies may find that outsourcing services could be a better strategy in increasing their revenue while maintaining their service quality and reducing their production expenses.

In early 2008, the Philippines was acknowledged as second (2nd) top BPO destination in Asia-Pacific. The recognition is a simple proof that BPO provides the most cost-efficient means of business growth, and that the Filipinos’ skill quality is authentically exceptional and superior.

Offshore Outsourcing

Globalization has become BPO’s ticket to success. Some, if not, most businesses that outsource services are as well involved in Offshore Outsourcing. This means that they are outsourcing business services from countries other than their company’s location. With the development in technology, business firms are able to freely communicate with outsourcing companies in other countries that can suffice their business demands while lessening their expenditures.

A lot of foreign businesses have outsourced Philippines’ BPO services which have put the country’s BPO services on a global level. BPO has definitely become the most in-demand industry for companies locally and worldwide.

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As technology opened its doors to business and marketing, companies have rapidly embraced these changes and integrated it with their business processes in working for their market growth. Outsourcing has become one of the most important strategies that corporations, whether large or small-scale, has taken into consideration. Outsourcing has answered to different Back Office Processes such as Indexing, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Litigation Support, Legal Transcription, Internet Research and Office Assistant Support.

There are more profound and specific details about our outsourcing services which are as follows:

  • Philippines Outsourcing
  • Philippines Back Office Operations
  • Philippines BPO
  • Philippines Data Entry


What is Outsourcing?
Basically, outsourcing means to contract out primary business processes to third-party companies. There are several reasons why most companies nowadays resort to this. Some of the main reasons for outsourcing are to decrease cost of labor and production, and to utilize time and manpower efficiently. Information technology has become the most used medium for outsourcing services, as it has extensively merged the power of communication and the advancements in technology with the growing demands in commerce.




Who is involved?
Outsourcing involves two ends: the client organization and the external service provider (outsourcing company). The client organization transfers the management of certain business functions to the external service provider who can cater to their needs under a contractual agreement. The outsourcing company provides the clients with the services, including the production facilities, utilities, manpower and all other needs for production.

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Philippines Outsourcing

Philippines Outsourcing services have turned out to be the most rapid-growing industry in the country. Philippines, where Business Process Outsourcing is an emerging industry, ranked in the top three among Asia’s highest-ranking outsourcing countries. Although the shares in the industry are mostly composed of the human resource sub-sectors, services such as finance and accounting, legal services, timesheet processing, internet research and data analysis have slowly taken its place in the BPO services companies in the country offer.
Scope of outsourcing

The focus of outsourcing services in the Philippines have extended from Call Center Services to higher-end outsourcing such as web development, animation, medical transcription, software development and other shared services. The demands of outsourcing services in the Philippines have become fast-paced not only for its cost-effectiveness, but more of the high-quality end product as a result of the competent skills of the manpower involved.

DataSolutions Inc., in addressing to the needs of the global market, have put its best efforts to provide businesses with the most reliable Back Office Processes. The availability of our services does not only lie on the boundaries of the Philippines. We cater to any client, wherever they maybe, anytime they need our services. Our high-standard service quality can reach as far as the Northern Hemisphere down to the Southern Hemisphere.

Philippines BPO stands out as one of the highest-earning industry, and by 2010, it is estimated to provide jobs to around 900,000 people.

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Philippines Back Office Operations

Back Office Services

SUCCESS is always the main goal of every individual and company. In a place where administrative activities are accomplished on a constant basis, having more than one staff to perform each and every appointed work requirement and assuring all of the mentioned above are functioning and contributing to the development of the business, Back Office Support plays a vital role. There can be many other reasons why realizing this goal is such a hard thing to do. This is where DataSolutions Inc. steps in.

Back Office Solutions

Through the back office services and solutions that we offer, you are assured to achieve effective results in Data Management, Time Sheet Processing, Word Processing, Market and Internet Research, Billing, Customer Relations and Communications. DataSolutions Inc. will be with you every step of the way to help you overcome any back office obstacles, making that goal actualized right on time.

What We do Best

  • Data Processing and Management
  • Business Communications
  • Data Scheduling
  • Research
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • General Secretarial work

The Team
DataSolutions Inc. assures that only top caliber, experienced and highly qualified professionals are assigned to meticulously handle each back office assignment. Who else can go wrong? With the team that we have? NO ONE! All the staff are:

  • Well trained in providing administrative and executive assistance.
  • Competent, organized, diligent, and technologically savvy.
  • Function adaptively to every business working environment.

Equipped with latest high-tech facilities and competent pool of individuals, DataSolutions Inc. provides you Back Office Support effectively and efficiently that saves you time and resources turning your company into a profit generating business.

Back Office Support staff are needed to perform various office works. However, certain businesses may only require specialized help with Timesheet Processing. DSI can help you with all or just a part of your

Philippines Data Entry

What is Data Entry?
Philippines Data Entry is part of the Philippines Back Office Operations which refers to transcribing data into another form, or simply encoding data. Most often than always, it would involve computer programs or digital word processors. It could vary from transcriptions of data from handwritten form, spreadsheets, or any documents from another computer program or format. In another way, data entry could also mean entering data, much like what advanced programmers do.

With the invention of computers and other digital gadgets, collection and presentation of materials in a more efficient and kempt manner has become possible. The demands of data entry jobs have increased over the years, since there are more diverse forms of data – from books, to scanned materials, to graphical materials with text, to documents that are of different file formats.

Data Entry Encoders
People who can work most effectively as data entry encoders are skillful typists, capable of organizing long-written lines, paragraphs or documents with a very high level of accuracy. It is a necessity that data writers have an alert presence of mind able to adapt to sudden changes, quickly recognize typographical or grammatical errors and incorrect information; able to correct and reorganize these flaws properly.

Philippines is a home to the most qualified data entry encoders. A lot of companies, mostly international companies, outsource data entry services to the Philippines. The high level of computer literacy and mastery of various computer programs of Filipinos have become their key in being the most in-demand data entry writers.

These qualities of effective data entry encoders can be all found in DataSolutions Inc. data writers. We have the most qualified data encoders who will […]

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